Where was raavan film shot?

Where was raavan film shot?

The director simultaneously shot Raavan in Tamil and Hindi at various locations, including the Athirapally forests in Kerala, Ooty in Tamil Nadu, Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata, and the Malshej Ghats in Maharashtra. The film has lots of action scenes and stunts performed by the actors.

What is the story of movie Raavan?

A jungle battle between two men blurs the line between good and evil.
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When did Raavan movie release?

June 18, 2010 (USA)
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Is Ravana Tamil king?

Ravana, who is considered as demon king in North India for his animosity towards Lord Ram, is celebrated as the pride of Tamils by many who believe he ruled the race once upon a time.

Where is the birthplace of Ravana?

Bisrakh is a village 10 km away of Greater Noida, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The locals claim their village to be birthplace of the legendary king Ravana, who rules Lanka in the epic Ramayana.

Who was Ravana in his previous birth?

In their second life during the Treta Yuga, they were born as Ravana (Jaya) and Kumbhakarna (Vijaya), and both were killed by Rama. In their third life during Dvapara Yuga, they were born as Shishupala (Jaya) and Dantavakra (Vijaya) and both were killed by Krishna.

Who is Beera in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s ‘Ragini’?

Ragini Sharma ( Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ), on a boating trip, is kidnapped by Beera. Dev Pratap Sharma ( Vikram ), her husband and a superintendent of police, is informed of her abduction.

Who are the actors in raraavan?

Raavan is a 2010 Indian Hindi -language epic adventure film co-written, co-produced, and directed by Mani Ratnam. It stars Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, and Vikram in the lead roles. Govinda, Ravi Kishan, Nikhil Dwivedi, Tejaswini Kolhapure and Priyamani feature in key supporting roles.

What is the plot of Beera Munda?

Beera Munda ( Abhishek Bachchan ), a bandit, jumps off a cliff into the water. His gang distracts the police, and police vehicles are set on fire. Ragini Sharma ( Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ), on a boating trip, is kidnapped by Beera.

What is the story of Hemant and Beera?

Ragini discovers Hemant in this condition and reproaches Beera and Mangal for such inhuman acts. Beera tells the story of his sister’s death; Dev had led an encounter against Beera during Jamunia’s wedding. Dev’s shot grazed Beera in the neck.