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Which was the toughest BITSAT paper?

Which was the toughest BITSAT paper?

BISAT 2022 Expected Difficulty Level (Overall) Last year, Physics was the most difficult section in the BITSAT exam, while the questions in Chemistry were application based.

Is 370 a good score in BITSAT?

For instance, in case a student wants to opt for the best branches of the Institute, then they must not get lesser than 370-380 as it is considered as a good score. While the average score for BITSAT 2021 is more than 300 and to get admission in other branches, 290+ marks is considered enough for the admissions.

Does questions repeat in BITSAT?

Answer. Dear Ananya, It totally depends questions may or may be not repeated in BITSAT but it is very important to solve previous year questions to understand the level of the questions and to know the pattern of the exam and you can get a type of question in your exam.

Is thermodynamics important for BITSAT?

Like many other competitive exams, BITSAT is a reiteration of NCERT syllabus of Class 11 and Class 12….BITSAT 2018: Important exam topics to cover!

S.NO. Topic Weightage
1. Heat & thermodynamics 10%
2. Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism 9%
3. Wave Motion 6%
4. Current Electricity 6%

Is 240 a good score in Bitsat?

BITS admission is purely based on the score of the candidates in BITSAT, therefore the candidates must aim at scoring minimum marks of 225 out of 450 marks so as to secure their chances of admission in BITS campuses….BITSAT 2021 Cut off.

BITSAT Cut Offs for BITS Hyderabad B.E. Civil
2020 240
2019 254
2018 258
2017 273

Is 330 good score in Bitsat?

With a 250-270 score in BITSAT, the chance of securing admission is 50%….Good Score in BITSAT 2022 for Integrated M.Sc Admission.

Very Good Score 330+
Good Score 300+
Average Score 270+
Low Score Below 250

Is maths difficult in BITSAT?

BITSAT is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in India. “Whatever be the format of exam, the concepts for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics remain the same and the preparation should be more or less similar as for other engineering entrance exams like JEE Main and VITEEE.

Does BITSAT have bonus questions?

BITSAT is the only examination amongst all its contemporaries which provides its candidates with bonus questions. Along with the sum total of 150 questions, it allows students to attempt an extra 12 questions but this comes with a catch.

How can I get 330+ in BITSAT?

Now to score 330, you must attempt ~120 questions correctly. First of all, start practicing the English and logical reasoning questions. Buy a book for it and solve questions. You must be perfect to get the 25 questions correct in BITSAT, they affect your score a lot.

Is mathematical reasoning asked in BITSAT?

The syllabus of BITSAT comprises majorly Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (or Biology) and English & Logical Reasoning.

How BITSAT previous year’s question papers will help you?

The BITSAT previous year’s question papers will help you improve and score well in your exam. Now, before we get into the details of the BITSAT previous year paper, let’s take a quick look at a brief overview of the exam:

What is BITSAT 2013?

BITSAT 2013 Question Paper with Answers: BITSAT is computer based online test for admissions to Integrated First Degree programmes of BITS, Pilani at AglaSem Schools Admission Career CutOffs News Hindi Mock Test Docs ATSE aglasem Entrance Exams Engineering Medical Law Management University and Colleges AMU BHU DU JNU Counselling JAC Delhi CCMT

How many questions are there in bitbitsat 2019?

BITSAT 2019 will be held in online mode. The paper will have a total of 150 questions from all 4 sections. Physics and Chemistry will have 40 questions each, while English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning will carry 15 and 10 questions respectively.

What is the BITSAT exam pattern 2021?

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2021 Subjects No. of Questions Physics 40 Chemistry 40 (a) English Proficiency (b) Logical Reas 15 10 Mathematics 45