Who audits the state of Illinois?

Who audits the state of Illinois?

Auditor General
Frank Mautino is the current state auditor, only the third since the 1970 Constitution. The Auditor General audits public funds and programs of the State and reports findings and recommendations to the General Assembly and to the Governor.

How audits are carried out?

An audit examines your business’s financial records to verify they are accurate. This is done through a systematic review of your transactions. Audits look at things like your financial statements and accounting books for small business. Auditors write audit reports to detail what they found during the process.

What responsibilities does the auditor general have?

The auditor general is charged with conducting post audits of financial transactions and accounts of the state and of all branches, departments, offices, boards, commissions, agencies, authorities and institutions of the state.

Which audit is not a statutory requirement?

A non-statutory audit refers to the financial statement audit, which is not a requirement of the laws. Some entities are exempt from the requirement of laws, yet they still choose to engage an audit firm to have a financial statement audit.

When Should accounts be audited?

Audit Requirements

Tax Payer Compulsory Audit required when
A person carrying on Business If total sales, turnover or gross receipts are more than Rs. 1 crore
A person carrying on Profession If gross receipts are more than Rs. 50 lakh

Can an accountant do an audit?

Public accountants, management accountants, and internal auditors may move from one type of accounting and auditing to another. Public accountants often move into management accounting or internal auditing. Management accountants may become internal auditors, and internal auditors may become management accountants.

What does the Auditor General of Illinois do?

ILLINOIS AUDITOR GENERAL’S HOMEPAGE The Auditor General is a constitutional officer of the State of Illinois charged with reviewing the obligation, expenditure, receipt and use of public funds.

What are state audits and examinations?

These audits and examinations inform the public, the Legislature, and State officers about the obligation, expenditure, receipt, and use of agency funds, and provide State agencies with specific recommendations to help ensure compliance with State and federal statutes, rules, and regulations.

How often does the Auditor General conduct financial audits?

The Auditor General is required by the Illinois State Auditing Act to conduct, as is appropriate to the agency’s operations, a financial audit and/or compliance examination of every State agency at least once every two years.

How many post-audits does the Office of State Audit issue?

The office issues approximately 150 post-audits of State agencies each year, reviewing an agency’s financial records, compliance with State and federal laws and regulations, and program performance after the close of its fiscal year. Report digests (summaries) and full audit reports of released audits are available on-line.