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Who does ASIO report to?

Who does ASIO report to?

the Minister for Home Affairs
ASIO sits within the Home Affairs portfolio, and we report directly to the Minister for Home Affairs on our operations and emerging security issues. The Attorney-General has oversight of ASIO’s use of special powers.

Do ASIS agents carry guns?

Do ASIS officers carry weapons? Yes, but only in certain circumstances and only for self-defence purposes. ASIS’s legislation provides for the protection of our people. Schedule 2 of the Intelligence Services Act 2001 sets out the conditions by which ASIS officers are permitted to carry weapons.

Does Australia have secret police?

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO /ˈeɪzioʊ/) is Australia’s national security agency responsible for the protection of the country and its citizens from espionage, sabotage, acts of foreign interference, politically motivated violence, attacks on the Australian defence system, and terrorism.

What ASIO investigate?

These include terrorism, espionage, people smuggling, and interference by foreign governments in Australia’s affairs. ASIO’s work is anticipatory. It seeks to identify, investigate and assess potential security threats and to work with national and international security partners to prevent harm from occurring.

Which minister is responsible for ASIO?

Minister for Home Affairs
The Minister for Home Affairs, The Hon Karen Andrews MP, is responsible for ASIO.

How hard is it to get into ASIO?

The ASIO recruitment process can be lengthy due to the requirement that ASIO Officers hold a security clearance, so you’ll need to be patient! Having said that, I found the interview and assessment process to be pretty straightforward, much like you would experience with other job applications.

Is it hard to get into ASIS?

The whole recruitment process could take between six months and a year. But the chances of success are slim. Assuming you’ve met all the initial criteria, approximately one in every 100 hundred applicants for ASIS and around one in every 50 for ASIO actually get hired.

Can you tell anyone you work for ASIO?

The identity of ASIO officers and the work they do is secret, so you can’t tell people what you do or who you work for.

How much do ASIO officers earn?

What will the salary be? The salary range during the 12 month training program (IODP) is $82,281 to $88,333, plus superannuation. Upon successful completion of the IODP you will be promoted to ASIO Employee Level 6 (AE6) with a salary range of $90,945 to $102,480, plus superannuation.

Does Australia have CIA?

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service /ˈeɪsɪs/ (ASIS) is the foreign intelligence agency of Australia, tasked with the covert collection of information overseas through personal contacts and other means of human intelligence. ASIS is compared to the American CIA and the British MI6.

How much do Australian spies get paid?

For the Intelligence Professionals program, you will earn between $83,936 and $90,107. On successful completion of the program you will be promoted and the salary range will increase to between $92,773 and $104,533.

Could the ASIS incident have ended in tragedy?

The secretary of the Police Association of Victoria, Chief Inspector Tom Rippon, said the incident could have ended in tragedy. “If these people do belong to ASIS, someone has a lot to answer for,” he said. “They had better get more training under their belt, as this sort of thing doesn’t inspire confidence in their common sense.”

Why did the Director General of ASIS resign?

Director General of ASIS, John Ryan, resigned after the findings of the Hope Royal Commission. The Federal Government yesterday ordered the Hope Royal Commission to investigate the bungled terrorist drill by the Australian Secret Intelligence Service at the Sheraton Hotel in Melbourne.

Will Premier Cain resist pressure to prosecute ASIS members?

The Premier, Mr Cain, vowed to resist any pressure from the Commonwealth Government not to prosecute under State laws. The bizarre incident, in which five ASIS members smashed a hotel door and bailed up staff and guests before being arrested in the city, has embarrassed the Federal Government.

What has ASIS got to do with the Hawke affair?

The bizarre incident, in which five ASIS members smashed a hotel door and bailed up staff and guests before being arrested in the city, has embarrassed the Federal Government. For the Prime Minister, Mr Hawke, his handling of the results of Mr Justice Hope’s inquiry on intelligence services and the Combe-Ivanov affair becomes even more sensitive.