Who drove the mellow yellow car in NASCAR?

Who drove the mellow yellow car in NASCAR?

Tom Cruise
The Mello Yello paint scheme was first made famous while being driven by Tom Cruise in the NASCAR-based movie Days of Thunder, and also served as the primary paint scheme on Kyle Petty’s No. 42 car from 1991 – 1994 in NASCAR’s top series.

How much did the mellow yellow car sell for?


Auction Scottsdale 2004
Status Sold
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Lot 992

What did Cole Trickle drive before NASCAR?

Tom Cruise as Cole Trickle, a young race car driver out to make a name for himself in NASCAR. He drives the No. 46 City Chevrolet, the SuperFlo Chevrolet and later the No. 51 Mello Yello Chevrolet.

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Mello Yello Cherry is available at Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and is still available in limited markets….Mello Yello.

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Who drove the car in Days of Thunder?

Rusty Wallace, NASCAR driver and performer of one line in “Days of Thunder”: A lot of guys were pissed about that, movie cars being on the track.

What driver was Days of Thunder based on?

Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall characters are (very) loosely based on former driver Tim Richmond and his crew chief Harry Hyde. Richmond was known as an overnight sensation, and Hyde was the veteran crew chief.

Did Tom Cruise do the driving in Days of Thunder?

The genesis of the movie Many may not know that the genesis for the Days of Thunder movie sprung from Tom Cruise’s relationship with Rick Hendrick and the late Paul Newman. Cruise likes to perform many of his own stunts. So, for the movie, he did drive an actual NASCAR racecar. Yes, a real one.

Was Days of Thunder based on Dale Earnhardt?

The heart of Days of Thunder was the bitter rivalry between Cole Trickle (Tom Cruise) and Rowdy Burns (Michael Rooker). Even casual NASCAR fans recognized that it was a thinly disguised rehash of the real-life feud between Dale Earnhardt and Geoff Bodine, who was the original Hendrick Motorsports driver.

Was Days of Thunder based on Rick Hendrick?

The character was largely based on Dale Earnhardt, and Cruise’s Cole Trickle was a sketch of Tim Richmond. Randy Quaid was a slicker version of the team owner Rick Hendrick, and Robert Duvall’s crew chief Hogge was, as Hendrick said, “a better Harry Hyde than Harry Hyde ever was. That just blew me away.”

Is Tom Cruise’s Mello Yello Lumina for sale?

That’s right. The number 51 Mello Yello Chevrolet Lumina, driven by Tom Cruise in that iconic ode to end-of-’80s Simpson/Bruckheimer excess “Days of Thunder,” is for sale. According to the seller, this is no promo car that lived an easy life of mall appearances and car show Sundays either.

Where is the Mello Yello Lumina?

Back to the car. This Mello Yello Lumina has been restored by Laughlin Race Cars, which is headquartered out of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Should you let the yellow bulldog m mellow in the garage?

There’s no reason why you should let this yellow machine mellow in your garage when it could just as easily be out there tearing up asphalt (and avoiding its nemesis, the Exxon Chevy driven by Rowdy Burns). Photos courtesy of Ideal Classic Cars.

What is a filmed NASCAR car?

Filming was done at a number of NASCAR races in both the ’89 and ’90 seasons (at Phoenix, Darlington and Daytona), which means this car offers the unique chance to own and drive not just a movie car, but one that also shared track time with big names in NASCAR.