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Who hit biggest six in IPL terms of length?

Who hit biggest six in IPL terms of length?

The record for longest six in the IPL was set by Albie Morkel while playing for Chennai Super Kings in the inaugural IPL edition and it still stands today. Albie’s humongous strike of 125 m is the current IPL Longest six….Longest Six in IPL History.

Position 1
Year 2008
Player Albie Morkel
Team Chennai Super Kings
Distance (in meters) 125

Who scored the most number of sixes during IPL 2013?

David Miller of the now renamed Kings XI Punjab was the player at number 5, having hit 24 sixes in total….Most Sixes in IPL 2013:

S.No 1
Player Chris Gayle
Matches 16
Sixes 51

What is the longest 6 ever hit?

The official record for the longest six in cricket history belongs to Australia’s Brett Lee, who crossed the rope by some 130-135 meters….Longest six in international cricket: Know the leaders.

No. 1
Player Shahid Afridi
Team Pakistan
Distance (metres) 158m (unofficial)
Year 2013

Who hit most sixes in IPL 2014?

Most Sixes

IPL 2014: Most Sixes
Player Team Innings
BB McCullum Chennai Super Kings 1
Yuvraj Singh Bangalore Royal Challengers 2
JP Duminy Delhi Daredevils 1

Who hit most sixes in IPL 2012?

Chris Gayle
IPL 2012 – Chris Gayle (59 Sixes) This is still the most number of sixes hit by a batsman in a single IPL tournament.

Who hit longest six in IPL 2020?

Nicholas Pooran
Nicholas Pooran 106m Watch the 106m six he hit during the innings – the biggest six of IPL 2020: Video Player is loading.

Who has hit the most sixes in IPL history?

So far RCB’s Chris Gayle has been the person with most number of sixes in IPL. However in terms of distance there are other players ahead of Gayle. The longest six in IPL history so far has recorded to cover a distance of 125 meters.

Who is the longest six-hitter in IPL 2021 edition?

Yuvraj Singh and Robin Uthappa are the only Indians in the list. Keiron Pollard is till now the longest six-hitter (105 mts) in IPL 2021 Edition. Click here to know the IPL 2021 most wickets taker and the latest IPL updates. The IPL tournament is an exhibition of brilliant batting and skillful bowling.

Where does Ben Cutting’s 117-meter long hit rank among 2016 IPL batsmen?

Ben Cutting’s 117-meter-long hit for Sunrisers Hyderabad- the biggest of the 2016 season- features on the sixth spot, tied with Gautam Gambhir’s (KKR) shot from 2013. Who have made it to the top five? Breaking into the top-five is, once again, Chris Gayle- thanks to his 119-meter-long hit from the 2013 season.

Who are the most consistent shpageezas in the IPL?

Gayle, in-fact, happens to be one of the most consistent, big hitters in the IPL: of the 326 Shpageezas he has launched into the IPL night-skies thus far, four of them feature on the top-ten list.