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Who is stationed at Quantico?

Who is stationed at Quantico?

The FBI, DEA, and the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) all have training academies on base, and Marine One’s helicopters are also stationed here (you know…the folks that fly the president!). There’s also the Marine Corps Brig, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, and the Marine Corps Research Center at Quantico.

What kind of base is Quantico?

Marine Corps training base

Marine Corps Base Quantico
Type Marine Corps training base
Site information
Owner Department of Defense
Operator US Marine Corps (USMC)

Can civilians enter Quantico?

All short term visitors must visit the Visitor Control Center (VCC) and obtain a visitor pass for entry at the gates. Law Enforcement personnel with appropriate credentials do not need to register but, must have a valid purpose for entry.

Is Quantico Va safe?

With an annual crime rate of only 2 per one thousand people, the chance of becoming a victim of crime here is just 1 in 578. These crime statistics put Quantico in the elite group of the safest communities in both Virginia and in the nation as a whole.

How many acres is Quantico base?

59,000 acres
Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) is located approximately 35 miles south of Washington, DC. MCBQ consists of approximately 59,000 acres and lies within southern Prince William, northern Stafford, and eastern Fauquier counties.

How many Marines are stationed at Quantico?

1, 2015, Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico was designated Marine Corps Installations Command-National Capital Region – Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCINCR-MCB Quantico). As of 2016, Quantico is home to over 28,000 military, civilian, and contractor personnel.

Where should I live if stationed in Quantico?

Areas south of Quantico to consider are Garrisonville, Stafford, and Fredericksburg. If you have school-age children, consider Stafford and Spotsylvania counties which have excellent school systems. The further north you go the less affordable housing will become.

Can you drive through Quantico?

If you drive on base, be sure to have your valid driver’s license ready as you will need to present it to the guard at the gate. Marine Corps Base Quantico is located off of Interstate I 95 in Virginia, 36 miles south of Washington, D.C. and 20 miles north of Fredericksburg.

Where should I live in Quantico VA?

Where is Quantico Virginia located?

Quantico is a town in Prince William County located in Washington Metropolitan Area. It is completely surrounded by Marine Corps Base Quantico on three sides and the Potomac River on the fourth. Quantico is located south of the mouth of Quantico Creek on the Potomac.

How far is Virginia Beach from Quantico Virginia?

There are 135.87 miles from Quantico to Virginia Beach in southeast direction and 180 miles (289.68 kilometers) by car, following the I-64 E route. Quantico and Virginia Beach are 2 hours 58 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Quantico, VA to Virginia Beach, VA.

How far is Quantico from Williamsburg?

There are 92.16 miles from Quantico to Williamsburg in southeast direction and 124 miles (199.56 kilometers) by car, following the I-95 S route. Quantico and Williamsburg are 2 hours 2 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Quantico, VA to Williamsburg, VA.

What is nearby Quantico, Virginia?

Cities, Towns, Suburbs, Localities & Places Close to Quantico: Triangle: 3.9 km / 2.4 miles: Directions: Quantico Station: 4.8 km / 3 miles: Directions: Dumfries: 5.7 km / 3.5 miles: Directions: Montclair: 9.9 km / 6.2 miles: Directions: Aquia Harbour: 10.1 km / 6.3 miles: Directions: Woodbridge: 13.1 km / 8.2 miles: Directions: Indian Head: 14.4 km / 9 miles: Directions: Dale City