Who is the husband of Princess Punzalan?

Who is the husband of Princess Punzalan?

Willie Revillamem. 1990–1997
Jason Field
Princess Punzalan/Husband

Is Paolo Punzalan brother of Princess Punzalan?

Pastor Paolo Punzalan is the brother of Princess Punzalan.

What happened to Helen Vela?

Death. She died of lymphoma on February 14, 1992 (Valentine’s Day) at St.

Who is the husband of Helen Vela?

Orly Punzalanm. 1967–1984
Helen Vela/Husband

Who is Princess Punzalan daughter?

Ellene Diana
Princess Punzalan/Daughters

Who is the mother of Princess Punzalan?

Helen Vela
Princess Punzalan/Mothers

Why did Princess Punzalan leave showbiz?

“I left everything because I wanted to prioritize our marriage,” said Punzalan. “It was not my mindset to be in America and be an actor. I had to be with him. I can’t start my marriage going to New York or Los Angeles.”

Where is Princess Punzalan now?

For now, Princess is in the middle. After many “wrong decisions” in the past, she moved to the US in 2005. She moved for the sake of love. “We moved to Michigan because my husband was really born and raised there and he was in school,” said Punzalan.

Who is Pastor Paolo Punzalan?

Pastor Paolo Punzalan serves as the senior pastor of Victory Fort. He is a former missionary to Russia and has been serving in full-time ministry as a Kids’ Church pastor and lead pastor for over a decade. He has been married to Jenn for 23 years. They have four children—Nathan, Janina, Ryan, and Joaquin.

How old is Princess Punzalan now?

Bernadette Vela Punzalan-Field (born November 20, 1968), known professionally as Princess Punzalan, is a Filipino actress. She began her career starring in Lovingly Yours: The Movie (1984) and Lovingly Yours, Helen (1992-96) and was nominated of PMPC Star Awards for Television in 1987.

Who is Orly Punzalan’s daughter?

She was the daughter of Orly Punzalan (a broadcaster who was formerly the president of IBC) and actress/host Helen Vela, now both deceased. Her siblings are Paolo, Meg and Reuben. Her niece is Janina Punzalan, daughter of Paolo was currently worked as a model. Punzalan was previously married to controversial TV host and actor Willie Revillame.

Is Alan Punzalan still friends with his ex-wife Revillame?

Punzalan remained friends with Revillame and is glad that the media did not have to get involved during their separation. Punzalan settled in California since 2005 after she married Jason Field, an American marketing professional. Punzalan has a daughter with Field named Ellie.