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Who is the mom in Machete?

Who is the mom in Machete?

The movie will also feature a scene in which her character, April Benz, goes skinny dipping with her Mom (being played by Alicia Rachel Marek). That same scene actually happens in the Machete Grindhouse trailer, though of course with a different red-headed actress playing Lohan’s character.

Who was Lindsay Lohan’s body double in Machete?

Erin Mackey
Look-alike Erin Mackey was tapped on the shoulder to appear opposite Lohan, a role she was evidently born to play. Both girls had fiery red hair, both were the same age, and both were roughly the same height — Mackey is now 167cm, while Lohan stands at 165cm.

Who played Booth’s wife in Machete?

Alicia Marek. Alicia Rachel Marek portrayed June Booth in Machete.

Who is Machete daughter?

Machete (character)

Isador Cortez
Family Gregorio Cortez (Antonio Banderas, younger brother; Spy Kids) Padre Benicio Del Toro (half-brother; Machete) Marissa Wilson (née Cortez) (sister; Spy Kids: All the Time in the World) Unnamed daughter (deceased; Machete)

Is killjoy Carmen Cortez?

Daryl Sabara, who played Juni Cortez, portrayed a character named Julio in Machete, and Alexa PenaVega, who played Carmen Cortez, portrayed a character named Killjoy in the sequel, Machete Kills.

How did they film Lindsay Lohan in Parent Trap?

The writer and director of The Parent Trap chose Lohan to play the role of the famous twins. A body double was used for scenes that featured both twins. Lohan wore a small earpiece that fed her lines of the other sister for split screens.

Who is Lindsay sister?

Aliana Lohan
Ashley Kaufmann
Lindsay Lohan/Sisters

Is machete kills a sequel?

Machete Kills in Space
Machete Kills/Sequels

Are the Machete films connected to Spy Kids?

So to answer your question, these films are connected, but they are treated as different film franchises. In Spy Kids 4, the film introduces a few new characters related to Machete. The film has Marissa Cortez Wilson who is Machete’s Sister. And Marissa’s Kids Rebecca and Cecil who are Machete’s Newphew and Niece.

Is Danny Trejo Machete in Spy Kids?

In both “Machete” and “Spy Kids”, Danny Trejo plays a character named Machete” Both films were written and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

What is Spy Kids 2 called?

Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams.

What did machete do to Booth’s wife?

To take revenge on Booth, Machete kidnaps Booth’s wife June and his daughter April, after “starring” in an amateur adult film with them. He also collects evidence from Booth’s house linking McLaughlin and Torrez in a major drug trafficking deal. After encountering Machete, Sartana begins to develop an interest in him.

How did machete get Padre’s brother?

Machete, with the help of Luz, aka Shé, the leader of an illegal immigrant aid movement known as the Network, recruits Padre, his “holy” brother. To take revenge on Booth, Machete kidnaps Booth’s wife June and his daughter April, after “starring” in an amateur adult film with them.

What is the name of the movie with the name Machete?

Machete is a 2010 American exploitation action film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis.

Was Lindsay Lohan in the pool scene with machete and April?

This became one of his character’s catchphrases in the film. (Deliberate by filmmaker) During the pool scene, as April enters the water is played by Lindsay Lohan. After Machete enters the pool, the character is clearly not Lohan.