Who owns St Arnold?

Who owns St Arnold?

Brock Wagner
Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Location Houston, Texas, USA
Opened 1994
Annual production volume 58,397 US beer barrels (68,528 hL) (2013)
Owned by Brock Wagner
Active beers

What kind of beer is Saint Arnold’s Lawnmower?

Lawnmower. A true German-style Kölsch. Originally brewed in Cologne, this beer is crisp and refreshing, yet has a sweet malty body that is balanced by a complex, citrus hop character. Multiple additions of German Hallertauer hops are used to achieve this delicate flavor.

Is Saint Arnold a real saint?

Arnold (Arnoul) of Soissons or Arnold or Arnulf of Oudenburg (ca 1040–1087) is a saint of the Catholic Church, the patron saint of hop-pickers, Belgian brewers.

Is Saint Arnold’s root beer alcoholic?

Saint Arnold Root Beer Beverage | ABV: Saint Arnold Root Beer is made with Imperial Cane Sugar (absolutely no high fructose corn syrup), vanilla extract and lots of yummy (but secret) flavorings. The only way to improve on our Root Beer is to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

What is America’s oldest brewery?

An American Success Story Come tour Yuengling, America’s Oldest Brewery, a short drive away in historic Pottsville, PA. Experience nearly 200 years of American brewing history.

Is Crawford Bock an IPA?

Hopadilla IPA is a dry-hopped Texas IPA beer, packed with the bitterness of hops from around the world. Hit a home run every time with Crawford Bock, a smooth, refreshing beer with a 4.5% ABV that pairs perfectly with baseball.

Is saint Arnold’s root beer alcoholic?