Who started the Butchart gardens?

Who started the Butchart gardens?

Jennie Butchart
It all began with one woman’s vision and passion. With a former limestone quarry for her backyard, Jennie Butchart envisioned landscaping a sunken garden in its place, transforming the property for her family—and visitors—for generations to come.

Who owns Butchart Gardens Victoria?

Robin-Lee Clarke
Ownership of The Gardens remains within the Butchart family; the owner and managing director since 2001 is the Butcharts’ great-granddaughter Robin-Lee Clarke.

Who owns Butchart Gardens now?

Robin-Lee Clarke, the current owner and Jennie’s great-granddaughter, added the Menagerie Carousel and Children’s Pavilion, which opened in 2009. Today, The Butchart Gardens are a National Historic Site of Canada.

Who is Jennie Butchart?

Jennie Butchart (1866 – 1950) Jeannette Foster Kennedy or “Jennie” was born in Toronto, Ontario to James and Martha Kennedy. Losing both parents by the time Jennie was 12 years old, she moved to Owen Sound, Ontario to live with her Aunt, Mrs. Robert Paterson.

How many people work at Butchart Gardens?

Work amidst lush greens and colourful blooms As one of the largest employers in the Saanich Peninsula, we employ over 600 people during our peak summer season—some who’ve been with us for fifty years!

What island is Butchart Gardens?

Vancouver Island
Located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia near Victoria on Vancouver Island, the designated National Historic Site of Canada draws over a million visitors a year. From spring through the holiday season, The Butchart Gardens draw year-round visitors as the grounds come to life through a variety of expressions.

Where is the Butchart Garden?

British Columbia
The Butchart Gardens/Province

Why is Butchart Gardens important?

Butchart Gardens was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2004 because: – it represents the remarkable combination of three aspects of Canadian gardening history. Second, the gardens evoke the early twentieth century beautification movement as expressed through the Sunken Garden.

What is the best time to visit Butchart Gardens?

Best time to go : The Butchart Gardens are open year-round. Each season brings its different flowers and charm. Peak season is July and August when the paths can be congested between 11am and 3pm. Best time to go is early morning or late afternoon.

What is the best time of year to visit Butchart Gardens?

What’s blooming at Butchart Gardens?

Plants that are currently blooming

  • Acacia.
  • Amelanchier (Juneberry)
  • Anemone blanda (Grecian windflower)
  • Arabis.
  • Aubrieta.
  • Aucuba japonica (Spotted laurel)
  • Azara.
  • Bellis (English daisy)

What island is Butchart Gardens on?

Why did Butchart build his house in Canada?

He and his wife Jennie Butchart (1866–1950) came to the west coast of Canada because of rich limestone deposits necessary for cement production. In 1904, they established their home near his quarry on Tod Inlet at the base of the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island.

What is the significance of the Butchart Gardens?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Butchart Gardens is a group of floral display gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada, located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. The gardens receive over a million visitors each year. The gardens have been designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

What did Mr Butchart do in the begonia bower?

While Mrs. Butchart collected plants, Mr. Butchart collected ornamental birds from all over the world, having a parrot in the house, ducks in the Star Pond and peacocks on the front lawn. He built several elaborate birdhouses for the gardens and trained pigeons on the site of the present-day Begonia Bower.