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Why do Russian tanks have so little depression?

Why do Russian tanks have so little depression?

Soviets was preparing for offense and low turret profile and low mass was priority. For attack – small, hard to hit and light tank is required. Low turreted profile restricts gun depression.

What gun did the jagdpanther use?

Main armament 1 × 8.8 cm Pak 43/3 or 43/4 57 rounds
Secondary armament 1 × 7.92 mm MG 34 machine gun (600 rounds) 7.92 mm MG 42 machine gun 600 rounds (anti aircraft)
Engine Maybach HL230 P30 (V-12 petrol) 700 PS (690 hp, 515 kW)
Power/weight 15.4 PS (11.3 kW) / tonne

Is the e75 a real tank?

The E 75 is a German tier 9 heavy tank. In 1945 the E 75 was conceived as a standard heavy tank of the Panzerwaffe to replace the Tiger II. It existed only in blueprints. The first heavy tank in the Entwicklung series, this tank has thick frontal armor that comes with excellent sloping at the front.

What is Gun depression in war thunder?

Gun depression is how many degrees you can aim your gun down relative to the straight forward position, so it is better to have more.

Why do Russian tanks have logs?

These logs are carried as a way to get a tank unstuck in wet / soft ground where there is nothing to winch against the log is placed against the track across the front or rear of the vehicle it is lashed with cables or straps through the track as the vehicle is driven the log is forced under the vehicle like a large …

Was Jagdpanther a good tank?

The Jadgpanther was a fearsome tank, Panther Hull armor and A Tiger I gun made it fearsome. But it was quite big and was hard to camouflage it and the panther chassis made some problems. But overall the Second Best Tank Destoryer on The Nazi Germany side.

Was an E75 ever built?

No hard evidence suggests that anything other than a prototype E-75 hull was ever built. There was a mild steel prototype of the E-100 hull that was left only partially complete when Hitler canceled the Porsche Maus super-heavy tank project in late 1944. The British captured the remains of the E-100 in 1945.

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Why was the Jagdpanther so unpopular?

The Jagdpanther was the result of the need for a hard-hitting tank destroyer mounting the 8,8 cm gun. It was previously tried twice with the Ferdinand and the Nashorn, with limited success. While the gun itself proved to be spectacular for the role the carriages it was mounted on proved to be less than stellar.

What were the different variants of the Jagdpanther?

The Jagdpanther was mass-produced in three variants which differed in the following ways. The first variant was the early version of the G1 self-propelled gun, produced from January to September 1944. These vehicles had an 88 mm 8,8 cm Pak 43/2 gun with a one-piece barrel. The gun was fixed to the front armor with bolts inside the vehicle.

What does Jagdpanzer mean?

Even before the war, the famous German commander General Heinz Guderian had predicted the need for highly mobile self-propelled anti-tank vehicles, later known as ‘Panzerjäger’ or ‘Jagdpanzer’ (tank destroyer or hunter).

Why was the Jagdpanther so important to Germany?

It became clear that the German army was in need of a tank destroyer that offered decent mobility without sacrificing armor, and vice versa. And as such, the Jagdpanther came to be. The Jagdpanther is one of the most iconic tank destroyers of World War 2.