Why is Cassie from Skins so weird?

Why is Cassie from Skins so weird?

Cassie is depicted as being eccentric and suffering from several mental disorders — most notably, anorexia nervosa — and multiple issues, including low self-esteem, suicidal ideation, and drug addiction, but is gentle-natured and friendly.

Does Cassie from Skins have an eating disorder in real life?

While for me in my unwell state, Cassie’s presence on Skins was a source of pro-anorexia inspiration, it could be argued she was a force for good. Hannah Murray, who played Cassie, said in 2013: “It’s easy to see her as a very issues-based character because she did suffer from an eating disorder.

Who keeps telling Cassie to eat in Skins?

Scared and confused, Cassie calls Allan. She tells him someone keeps telling her to eat, and he implies she is imagining the texts because she is mentally sending them to herself, because she wants to eat.

Why does Cassie from Skins talk like that?

Why does Cassie always say ‘wow’ in ‘Skins’? – Quora. Its never outright stated, but part of her mental health issues is caused by her repressing all her negative thought. The issue being they come up in other ways. Particularly her eating disorder.

What mental illnesses do the Skins characters have?

With plot lines about eating disorders, depression, and addiction, the show changed the landscape of teen dramas 10 years ago. Ten years after it first aired, Skins is still as relevant to the GIF-sharing teens of 2017 as it was to the T9-texting kids of 2007.

Does Alan exist in Skins?

Alan the Taxi Driver (Alan George): Alan is the friendly taxi driver that takes Cassie to the rehabilitation centre, and seems to be the only one that understands her.

Is Cassie smart skin?

very interesting because she has a lot of problems, and she’s very troubled, and she’s anorexic and completely lacking in self-esteem and self-belief, but along with that she’s sort of quite smart.

Who is Cassie Ainsworth in skins?

Cassie Ainsworth. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Cassandra Ainsworth is a fictional character in the television series Skins, portrayed by Hannah Murray.

Who is Cassie in line of Duty series 6?

Cassie is briefly referred to by Doug in series 6 when he mentions to Liv that he once danced for a girl to help her get through an exam, referring to Cassie’s centric episode in the second series. However he does not mention her by name. Cassie is revisited five years later in series 7 in a feature-length episode, Pure.

What has happened to Cassie from pure after series 2?

The viewer is reintroduced to Cassie five years after series two in Pure, in which she is shown to have changed in many ways. Where before she was bubbly, cheerful and unashamedly quirky, she is now a shadow of her former self, appearing tired and withdrawn, living in a shared flat in London and working as a waitress in a café to make ends meet.

How would you describe Cassie?

Cassie was a friendly and quirky girl with many idiosyncrasies and odd mannerisms. In spite of this however Cassie was a reasonably smart and often times spiritual and artistic with a deep caring nature for those around her, she could also identify many issues people had by merely listening to descriptions of them.