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Why is my shower either boiling hot or freezing cold?

Why is my shower either boiling hot or freezing cold?

Thermostatic mixer showers: If the temperature of your thermostatic mixer shower keeps fluctuating wildly (getting boiling hot or freezing cold), the thermostatic cartridge probably needs replacing. If the shower works fine without the head attached, then the head is reducing the flow and needs cleaning.

Why does my Triton shower not heat up?

You can check the power supply to the unit and make sure the isolator switch is turned on. Check to see if there are any tripped switches or blown fuses. If this keeps happening or the shower gets far too hot and it cuts out completely, then the electric shower will need replacing.

How do you clear an airlock in an electric shower?

Complete an air test!

  1. Follow these instructions to remove air from your pump installation.
  2. Turn off pump.
  3. Remove shower head from hose.
  4. Let hose hang into bath or shower tray.
  5. Turn the temperature to full cold.
  6. Turn the shower on and run for 5 minutes.
  7. Turn the temperature to full hot and run for a further 5 minutes.

Why does my shower go from hot to cold?

Your pressure-balancing valves open and close depending on your water flow in your plumbing system. If cold or hot water levels drop, a broken pressure valve could cause a drop in water pressure. This drop in pressure sends scalding hot or freezing cold water to your shower head.

How do you fix a fluctuating shower temperature?

If your shower water temperature keeps changing you should do the following:

  1. Check your pressure-balancing valve.
  2. Check your water heater.
  3. Replace the shower cartridge.
  4. Descale the water heater and check for blockages.

Why does electric shower go hot and cold?

If your shower is going hot and cold, it’s usually caused by not enough water getting to the shower. If they are both fully open, then it could be a problem with your showers flow valve inside the shower. If this is the case, they will need replacing.

Why does my electric shower run hot and cold?

How long should a Triton enrich electric shower run?

Discussion in ‘ Plumbing and Central Heating ‘ started by s79, 12 Apr 2011 . I have a Triton Enrich 8.7kwh Electric shower which is running hot and cold. So typically it runs as normal for a few minutes, gets a little bit hotter then it should, goes cold for about 20-30 sec, then back to hot for about 40sec and repeats.

Can electric showers shift from hot to cold water?

You think you can tough it out, but then the water becomes so unbearably hot that you’re forced to jump out of the shower. Believe it or not, electric showers shifting from hot to cold water is a common issue. And today, we’ll take a closer look at what causes this annoyance to happen.

Can a Triton t450i pump be used for electric showers?

When the mains water pressure is insufficient then a Triton T450i single impeller pump can be used to supply water to most electric showers. Alternatively an integral pumped shower such as the T90xr can be installed. Note: pumped showers must be fed from a cold water cistern they must not be connected to the mains cold water supply.

Why won’t my Triton shower turn off?

Click to expand… Hi WHPES just carried out a repair to a Triton shower re;- won’t turn off unless you disconnect power via the pull cord. The fault is caused by the dropper capacitor 0.1uf capacitor on the mains power board pcb. (the one with the relays).