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Can IIS server run PHP?

Can IIS server run PHP?

IIS only runs on Windows, but keep in mind that running PHP on IIS is not the same as running PHP on Windows. There are options to run PHP on Windows like XAMPP or WampServer. However, these two options make some additional choices for you. They run Apache as a web server and use MySQL or MariaDB as a database server.

How do I start IIS on Windows Server 2003?

To open IIS Manager in Windows Server 2003 On the Start menu, click Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

How register PHP in IIS?

Registering PHP with IIS Click on “Register new PHP version” task and then provide the full path to the location of the main php executable file: php-cgi.exe: After clicking OK the new PHP version will be registered with IIS and will become active.

What is IIS Server 2003?

Using Internet Information Services Manager (IIS) Windows Server 2003 provides a completely reworked version of IIS: version 6. Although there are many new features available in IIS 6.0, the manager tool installed with the Web service supports the management of down-level versions of IIS.

How do I start IIS on Windows Server?

To open IIS Manager from the Start screen

  1. On the Start screen, click Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security, and then click Administrative Tools.
  3. In the Administrative Tools window, double-click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Can I run PHP on Windows Server 2003 using IIS 6?

One of most popular development platforms on the web is PHP which powers many popular applications and sites such as Facebook, WordPress and Joomla. While most of these systems are ‘designed’ to be used on a Linux system running the Apache Web Server, you can deploy PHP applications via IIS 6 on your Windows Server 2003 system.

How to install PHP on IIS 6 using non thread safe binaries?

For IIS 6, the non thread safe binaries should be used. Copy the ‘php.ini-production’ file from the extracted files paste it into the Windows directory. In the Windows directory, rename this file to ‘php.ini’.

How do I set up IIS 6 with PHP and FastCGI?

With both PHP and FastCGI installed and configured, all that is left is to set up IIS 6. When you open the IIS Management Console, under the Web Service Extensions make sure the “FastCGI Handler” is set to allowed. Next, go to the Properties settings for the Web Sites group.

How do I run PHP code on Windows?

In order for Windows to run PHP code, the PHP binary files need to be copied to your system. No installation is required, however some configuration must be done in order for it to properly run. The first step is to download the PHP Windows Binaries and extract them (i.e. ‘C:PHP’). For IIS 6, the non thread safe binaries should be used.