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How do I complain about food in Dubai?

How do I complain about food in Dubai?

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  1. The main telephone number: +971 4 2215555.
  2. The main fax number: +971 4 2246666.
  3. Email: [email protected].
  4. For suggestions: [email protected].
  5. For complains: [email protected].
  6. For e-services: [email protected].

How do I make a complaint about food safety?

You should complain to the Food Safety Officer / Designated Officer /DC of your area or Food Safety Commissioner of the State.

How do I register my food product in Dubai Municipality?

Food Item Registration in UAE

  1. Need a UAE based trading license. To register a food product with Dubai Municipality, first requirement is a UAE based company with food trading or general trading activity.
  2. Register the company with DM Portal.
  3. Create application for food product registration.
  4. Submit the application.

How do I contact Dubai Municipality?

You can communicate directly with Dubai Municipality through: Phone : +971 4 2215555. Call Centre: 800900. Website:

How do I write a complaint letter about food quality?

Respected Sir/Madam, With due respect, I am writing this letter to bring to your notice about my experience with the order I made on __________(Date) at __________(Time), of order ID/Number _________(Mention Order ID/Number). I am highly disappointed with your service.

How can I register my food in UAE?

The Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality regulates the registration of food products under the food control department. This is done through the Food Import Re-export Service (FIRS) online portal system at Dubai Municipality (DM).

How can I get food license in Dubai?

The first is a trade license. This can be applied for either via the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), or via a free zone. Next, you must get your restaurant plans approved by the food control department. Once this stage is completed, you can then apply for your food license.

How do I get permission from Dubai Municipality?

Service Procedures and Steps

  1. Create an account or login to Dubai Building Permit System or BPS.
  2. Application for the service and upload the required documents.
  3. The payment process for the due fees.
  4. Acquisition of Dubai Municipality Approval, Rejection, or Consult for Revision response through the main website.

How many municipalities are there in Dubai?

4 Dubai Municipality centres
There are 4 Dubai Municipality centres in the emirate.

What is the latest version of Food Code 2020 in Dubai?

FOOD CODE 2020 FOOD CODE 2020 Draft Version 4, March 2020 Published by: Food Safety Department Dubai Municipality Send in your comments via this link 1 Food Code

How will Foodwatch’s digital records benefit Dubai Municipality and its food businesses?

By moving to digital records, Foodwatch will open up information silos and enable data sharing and connectivity with other digital ecosystems. This will help Dubai Municipality and the food businesses make data-driven strategies and decisions.

What has the Food Safety Department done in 2021?

Tuesday, 14 September 2021 / 18:09:34 In addition, Food Safety Department collaborated with numerous international organizations in line with its commitment to food health and safety standards, and disease control and prevention, and participated in celebrating local events, and international occasions and days. Your web browser is out of date.

How to check the food safety rating of a business?

Simply search the business name of license and click on the QR code that appears on the entities interface to see their Food Safety Rating. For checking the permit status of the Food Transportation Vehicle, type in the Plate number of the vehicle under ‘Delivery check’. Report any un-registered vehicle directly to the Dubai Municipality.