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How many songs did each Glee character sing?

How many songs did each Glee character sing?

Artie: 1 solos; 3 duets; 3 Group Lead = 7 songs total. 14. Kitty: 1 solos; 2 duets; 2 Group Lead = 5 songs total. 15.

Who sang the most solos in Glee?

Can you name the characters that have solo parts in the most songs in the TV show ‘Glee’?

# of Songs Actor Name
44 Lea Michele
24 Cory Monteith
24 Matthew Morrison
20 Amber Riley

Who had the most songs on Glee?

Solo count and Rate

Ranking Character Name Accumulated Points
1st Rachel Berry 280
2nd Finn Hudson 166
3rd Mercedes Jones 162
4th Blaine Anderson 149

What songs are in season 2 episode 3 of Glee?

Popular Songs

  • Don’t You Want Me. The Human League.
  • The Chain. Fleetwood Mac.
  • One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer. Amos Milburn.
  • Tik Tok. Ke$ha.
  • Like a G6. Far East Movement, The Cataracs, Dev.

Who does Riker Lynch play in Glee?

Submitted photoRiker Lynch plays Jeff on “Glee.” Riker Lynch is not your average 19-year-old. Not only is Lynch the lead in the up and coming band R5 but he has a role on “Glee” as Jeff, a well-loved Warbler. The Dalton Academy Warblers are the rival school to WMHS’s New Directions.

When is season 3 of Glee coming out?

Season Three of Glee aired between September 20, 2011 and May 22, 2012 . The third season took place during several New Directions students’ senior year at William McKinley High School . The series focuses on a high school Glee Club called the New Directions, set within the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio .

Who are the actors in Glee?

Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel)

  • Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester)
  • Lea Michele (Rachel Berry)
  • Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester)
  • Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang)
  • Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones)
  • Heather Morris (Brittany S. Pierce)
  • Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans)
  • Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson)
  • Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray)
  • Who is the actress in Glee?

    Sue Sylvester is a fictional character of the Fox musical comedy-drama series, Glee. The character is portrayed by actress Jane Lynch, and appears in Glee from its pilot episode, first broadcast on May 19, 2009, through the show’s final episode, first broadcast on March 25, 2015.

    Who is the actor on Glee?

    William Michael Schuester, often referred to as Mr. Schue, is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. The character is portrayed by actor Matthew Morrison and has appeared in Glee since its pilot episode, first broadcast on May 19, 2009. Will was developed by Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk , and Ian Brennan .