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How wide is a stubby holder?

How wide is a stubby holder?

Material: Neoprene, Velcro connection. Layout: One Side Full Image. Image Dimensions: Width: 21.98cm, Height: 11.6cm – allow 0.9cm for trim.

What is a stubby cooler used for?

Stubby coolers are a practical item to keep handy around your house. They are used to stop the body temperature in your hands from warming the beverage you may be holding or consuming. Stubby coolers have been called many different things, by many different people.

Why is it called a stubby cooler?

Since those first few flew off the shelf, neoprene coolers or stubby holders (derived from the name given to 375ml bottles of beer here in Australia), whose invention has been attributed to Australian Shane Walsh, have ruled the roost when it comes to keeping beer cold.

What are stubby holders made of?

Stubby coolers are made from neoprene, which is also what your wetsuit is made out. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is resistant to water and UV rays, stretchy and one of the only rubbers that can be printed on.

How do you decorate stubby holders?

You can decorate with paint, fabric crayons or felt markers, even going as far as gluing glitter or any craft material to compliment your design.

Do stubby coolers actually work?

Melanie Pinola. Researchers and students at the University of Washington in Seattle have conducted a very important study proving, once and for all, that stubby holders do in fact keep drinks cold. The study, published in Physics Today, investigates how quickly cold drinks warm up based on their surrounding climate.

When were stubby holders invented?

The first semblance of the stubby holder emerged in the early 1980’s in the United States. This early model was made from polystyrene foam and was preformed to fit the bottles of the time.

Can you paint on stubby holders?

Design & Decorate Your Own Stubby Holders You can decorate with paint, fabric crayons or felt markers, even going as far as gluing glitter or any craft material to compliment your design.

How do you glue stubby holders?

To assemble the blank materials in to a finished stubby holder, you will need to buy some contact adhesive to glue the panel together in to a cylinder shape and attach the base. Sika Contact Adhesive from Bunnings will work fine.

How long does Yeti Colster keep cold?

Yeti tumbler cups and bottles can keep drinks cold for 6+ hours to 3+ days. The colder the drink starts, the more ice in the drink, the larger the drink volume and the outside temperature all play a role in how long a drink will stay cold for. 12-24 hours is a good estimate for iced water.

What are stubby holders made from?

Where can I buy photo stubby coolers online?

If you are looking to buy photo stubby coolers online, Soupcan is able to assist. We put together the best photos and expertly print them to your chosen cooler products, with options to suit a range of occasions.

What is the stubby holder print quality?

Note: Stubby Holder print quality is exclusively dependant upon the quality of the custom graphics and photographs you supply. We can not guarantee the final product unless we recieve a high resolution image file. Download our artwork template to send in your design. Pricing is FULL colour or ONE colour.

What size bottle will a stubby cooler fit?

Premium stubby coolers fit 375ml bottles and 375ml cans. High quality photographic print, Premium 5mm neoprene material, Sewn and taped side seams, Non slip rubber base. Basic stubby coolers fit 375ml bottles and 375ml cans.

Can I put a photo on the cooler?

Place your vibrant photo image on the cooler for a great keep sake and fun product that is not only Practical lease find the quote attached but can be kept as a fun memory.