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Professional Actors and Sport Industry


Professional actors and sport industry can be considered to be the top profitable activities that any individual would dream of (James, 2014). Actors and famous athletes pockets a lot of cash but surrounded by many legends with the easiness of work and lack of skills and knowledge. There are both supporters and opponents towards this debate. This paper will discuss the positive and negative side of the high payment for both professions.

Critic to Actors and Athletes Profession

People talk of the unfair setting of the human society and criticize these athletes and actors for their huge payments. For example, a famous movie star or footballer can pocket several millions of dollars for a single film or contract with a certain club. Just like any job demands certain perfection, so is for these professions as they have to keep to the standards which include weight, shape, and fashion among other requirement for them to achieve success. They also have to be committed, sometimes through many hours of perfecting their role in movies and training in the gym (Alexander, 2014). The participants not only present themselves but the entire country to the international arena in arts and sports; thus they need to be given support and motivated to create the image of the nation.

Looking at a different perspective, these may be seen as unfair to other professions such as teaching or healthcare provider that are more difficult and important to the whole community.  For instance, the policemen perform important duties by risking their lives for other individuals but receive extremely little money. From this observation, the government should not overestimate these professions and their values for the society (Richard, 2001).