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Will modern technology such as the internet ever replace the book?

These days cutting edge innovation is growing quickly and it appears it’s going to replace numerous conventional objects and change them into more suitable ones. For a very long time, books were adored as a tremendous measure of data (Christensen, 2013). Notwithstanding, they are being supplanted by their electronic “duplicates” which has its favorable advantages and disadvantages.

All over I go I see individuals busy with their phones, iPads and tablets. Schools have begun giving electronic books to students and a large number of my friends download pdf versions of their most loved books as opposed to purchasing the genuine article.

These days, you can download any sort of book or article possible. The bible even has its own particular application for Apple, android and Black Berry operating systems. Truly, I find it easier and more practical to carry an iPad with thousands of books as opposed to leather bound or physical books. Also, in this quick paced world, individuals dependably look for the most proficient and advantageous method for doing things. Through the web, we have the capacity to get up to speed with the most recent news real time. No compelling reason to race to the closest news stand to be upgraded (Castells, 2011).

I believe that as early as now, innovation, for example, the internet is gradually crawling its approach to be the principle source of information especially among the lower and upper socio-economic classes. As we keep on advancing, innovation will be made accessible to more individuals in this way, making ready for it to wind up a definitive source of information. However, I question that innovation will have the capacity to wipe out interest for books or written documents entirely, I strongly trust that its pertinence to society’s normal exercises will diminish through the coming years.