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What do you eat with fried cabbage?

What do you eat with fried cabbage?

Dishes to Serve with Fried Cabbage While there’s no wrong way to enjoy cabbage, it does go particularly well with country style ribs and beans, perhaps some buttered slow cooker cornbread or a heaping helping of golden fried okra or green beans and potatoes on the side.

What are the black dots on napa cabbage?

Pepper spot is a physiological disorder that affects the white midrib tissues of Napa cabbage. Other names for “pepper spot” include gomasho, meaning “fleck,” and black speck, black fleck, black leaf speck, petiole spot, and vein necrosis.

What is the difference between Napa cabbage and regular cabbage?

Green cabbage is the most common and best-known variety of cabbage. It is a tightly wrapped and ball-shaped cabbage, while napa cabbage looks more like leafy lettuce. The shape of the head is not the only difference between green and napa cabbage. Like napa cabbage, it also gets sweeter when cooked.

What kind of meat goes with fried cabbage?

It goes really well with corned beef, pot roast, grilled chicken and even pork chops. Now, fried cabbage can be made in various ways but my favorite way involves pan frying it with bacon and onions. I also like to keep the spices very simple and only use salt, pepper and a bit of paprika to add a smoky flavor.

What meat goes well with cabbage?

Cabbage is a nutritious vegetable that has many applications and goes well with everything from pork and beef to lamb, chicken, and other poultry.

Is Chinese cabbage and bok choy the same thing?

• Bok Choy and Pak Choy are two different names used to refer to the same leaf vegetable, the Chinensis subspecies of Chinese cabbage. • In North America, Chinese cabbage is referred to as Bok Choy whereas, in commonwealth countries such as Australia, UK, south Africa etc., it is referred to as Pak Choy.

How do you make Chinese cabbage?

Add the cabbage, wine, soy sauce, sugar, and water. Turn up the heat to high, cover the lid and let the cabbage cook for 1-2 minutes. Uncover the lid, and stir in the dark vinegar, scallions , and salt to taste. The cabbage should be wilted, but still slightly crunchy and caramelized.

What is a good recipe for fried cabbage?

Directions Fry bacon until crisp and well browned. Drain and set aside. Add chopped onion to the bacon grease and stir until translucent. Add cabbage, pepper flakes, salt and pepper, stirring until all cabbage is coated. Add the crumbled bacon bits and cover. Cook over low heat until cabbage is tender. Submit a Correction

How do you cook cabbage in Skillet?

Directions Melt butter or margarine in a large heavy skillet (or saucepan) over low heat. Add cabbage and sprinkle with salt and pepper; mix together with cabbage in skillet or saucepan. Cover skillet or saucepan with a tight-fitting lid to hold in the steam. Cook over low heat until cabbage is tender (6 to 8 minutes).