What does Toei Subway mean?

What does Toei Subway mean?

Toei Subway lines. The Toei Subway (都営地下鉄, Toei chikatetsu, lit. “metropolis managed subway”) lines were originally licensed to the Teito Rapid Transit Authority (the predecessor of Tokyo Metro) but were constructed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government following transfers of the licenses for each line.

Where is the Toei Mita Line in Tokyo?

The Toei Mita Line (都営地下鉄三田線, Toei Chikatetsu Mita-sen) is a subway line of the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei) network in Tokyo, Japan. The line runs between Nishi-Takashimadaira in Itabashi and Meguro in Shinagawa.

What is the difference between Tokyo Metro and Toei?

Tokyo Metro and Toei trains form completely separate networks. While users of prepaid rail passes can freely interchange between the two networks, regular ticket holders must purchase a second ticket, or a special transfer ticket, to change from a Toei line to a Tokyo Metro line and vice versa.

What do the numbers on the Tokyo Metro map mean?

Here you can download the Tokyo Metro subway map. Station numbers consist of a letter representing the subway line and a number for the station. They are circled with a color that represents the subway line making it easy to find your station. The alphabet letter represents the subway line name.