What is a SC1 keyway?

What is a SC1 keyway?

The SC1 Keyway provides an avenue through which consumers can experience the convenience of patented SmartKey® technology, which allows locks to be rekeyed without taking the lock off the door or hiring a locksmith, and without worrying about lost or unreturned keys.

What locks use SC1 keyway?

Smartkey replacement cylinder uses the Schlage SC1 keyway and fits some Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolts 158/553/660/687/.

What is KW1 vs SC1?

If the bow has straight sides and a triangle-shaped top (like a house), you probably have a KW1 keyway. If the key is diamond-shaped (narrower at the top and bottom and wide in the middle), you probably have a SC1 keyway.

What is a KW lock?

1) Name on the key or Lock: Kwikset or Schlage are the most common residential locks and keys. They can be stamped with their full name on the head of the key or face of the lock. 2) Name Abbreviation: Kwikset is “KW” and Schlage is “SC” The most common keyways are KW1 & SC1.

What are the different keyways?

There are 7 different keyways C,CE,E,EF,F,FG and G. There is a special “P” keyway designed to accept any of the 7 keys and a special key blank designed to be accepted into all 7 keyways, 35-101 L which is made of stainless steel and requires a special machine to cut.

What is the difference between SC1 and SC4?

SC1 is a 5 pin key, SC4 is a 6 pin. Unfortunately, an SC1 key blank is too short to operate a lock keyed to SC4.

Are all KW1 keys the same?

There are few differences between these types of keys, but they are not interchangeable. In the end, it comes down to whatever locks were installed on your door when it was installed. Use the following guides to help you determine which type of key you need to order.

What is keyway KW1?

That means its a Kwikset key blank used. So if you were to ever get a duplicate key made they would use a KW1 blank for it. Also you can have them rekeyed (the locks) at most hardware stores, but most likely they will come different.

Can you copy a KW1 key?

In my fairly limited experience, there are two main types of DND keys, you have just normal blanks such as SC1 KW1 or SC4 KW11(six pin version) that are stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” and these can be readily copied if you have either a normal Schlage or Kwikset keyblank matching the original or the stamped “DND” …

How do keyways work?

A key and the keyways make up a Keyed joint to secure the hub and the shaft to prevent relative movement between a power transmitting shaft and an attached component. For example, Gear drives, Pulleys or Sprockets are connected securely using keys to the power transmitting shaft (Figure 1).

How do Bump keys work?

Keys operate by aligning tiny spring-loaded pins inside the lock. Once the pins are correctly aligned, the cylinder will turn and the lock can be operated. To use a bump key, the “pull-back” method is common. With this method, the key is inserted all the way in, and then pulled back out one notch.

What is the function of key in shaft?

In mechanical engineering, a key is a machine element used to connect a rotating machine element to a shaft. The key prevents relative rotation between the two parts and may enable torque transmission.

What is a keyway on a shaft?

A Keyway is a slot that is cut in a shaft, wheel hub or in any pulley hub. A square key is placed in the keyway and mated with another similar keyway through which something can be hanged and lowered up and down. The keyway helps in ensuring that there is no relative rotation between two parts and it also enables torque transmission.

What is keyway used for?

In mechanical engineering, a key is a machine element used to connect a rotating machine element to a shaft. The key prevents relative rotation between the two parts and may enable torque transmission. For a key to function, the shaft and rotating machine element must have a keyway and a keyseat, which is a slot and pocket in which the key fits.

What is a lock keyway?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Keyway. A keyway is the shaped channel in a lock cylinder into which the key slides to gain access to the lock tumblers. Lock keyway shapes vary widely with lock manufacturer, and many manufacturers have a number of unique profiles requiring a specifically milled key blank to engage the lock’s tumblers.

What is a keyway in construction?

[kee-wey] noun. Machinery. a groove in a shaft, the hub of a wheel, etc., for receiving part of a key holding it to another part. a slot in a lock for receiving and guiding the key. (in poured-concrete construction) a longitudinal groove in a footing, or in a pour that has set, providing a key for newly poured concrete.