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What is a shelf on a desk called?

What is a shelf on a desk called?

Anatomy of a desk Hutch (above): While not indicated on the diagram above, it’s the shelf unit sitting on top of the desk. These are a great addition because of the storage they offer. Keyboard tray / sliding hutch (below): Most computer desks also come with a keyboard tray.

How can I add storage on top of my desk?

Use a cart to add extra storage. Rolling carts are portable, so you can easily move them from place to place to suit your needs, and they also offer easy extra storage. Put a few cups or jars on the top for storing everyday office supplies, and hide it next to your desk.

How high should Shelves be above desk?

22″ to 24″
The shelf height above a desk should be 22″ to 24″. A cabinet or shelf above a toilet should be about 2 feet above the tank. Shelves above a kitchen counter should be about 18″ to 23″, with about 15″ in between shelves.

What is office credenza?

A credenza desk (often simply, credenza) is a modern desk form usually placed next to a wall as a secondary work surface to that of another desk, such as a pedestal desk, in a typical executive office. An executive desk is often the central artifact for a meeting between several persons.

What can you use as a desk top?

Maple or Birch Plywood is the EASIEST Wood for a Desktop.

  • 6/4 Solid Maple is the Best Wood for a Desk Top.
  • Live Edge Wood Desktop With Epoxy Finish.
  • Reclaimed Wood Desktop.
  • Softwood Desk Top.
  • Ikea Wood Desktop.
  • Dimensional Lumber from Big Box Stores.
  • How many inches is between shelves?

    The rule of thumb for spacing is 12 inches between each shelf but bump that up to 15 or 18 inches and you enhance that sense of exposure and accessibility.

    How deep should office shelves be?

    For most shelves made from 3/4 inch stock, a practical span is 30 to 36 inches. Shelf depth is determined by the size of the items to be stored, generally within the range of 6 to 24 inches. Shelf depth for a general purpose bookshelf is usually 10 to 12 inches.