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What is National 2 Rugby?

What is National 2 Rugby?

National 2, the fourth tier of English rugby, is split into two opposing leagues –National Two North and National Two South – with the standard of each exceptionally high. Many of the top clubs could easily compete in National 1.

Who were relegated from National League 2 North in 2019?

The 2018–19 champions, Hull Ionians, were promoted into the 2019–20 National League 1, replacing Caldy and Loughborough Students who were relegated from the 2018–19 National League 1. The three teams relegated from National League 2 North the previous season were Peterborough Lions and South Leicester (both Midlands Premier)…

What is the new structure for the Rugby National Leagues?

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) has approved a new structure for the National Leagues from the 2022–23 season. Along with National 1 and National League 2 South the size of the leagues at levels 3 and 4 will be reduced to 14 teams (currently 16), there will be a two-week break over Christmas and protected weekend breaks through the season.

What does nle2 stand for?

National League 2 North, (which before September 2009 was known as National Division Three North) is a level four league in the English rugby union system and provides Semi-professional competition for teams in the northern half of England.

Could a rugby ‘cup competition’ return to levels 3 and 4?

NCA Chairman John Inverdale has provided an update on a return to rugby as a ‘cup competition’ is proposed for levels 3 and 4. With a second lockdown starting on Thursday, haleys have outlined the reliefs being offered by the Government during this period.

What is talking rugby union?

Talking Rugby Union brings you all of the results and reaction from the leagues, with highlighted match reports and features for big games plus we are also partnered with the NCA.

Will there be a National League season in 2020/21?

With a new lockdown now enforced, the 2020/21 season for National League clubs may pass them by altogether. The RFU has suspended all community rugby activity until further notice following the government’s new national lockdown.