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Why Students Study Abroad

The world being a global village, many students nowadays study outside their home countries. The reasons do vary from one person to another. These reasons may also be as a result of parental or societal leverage rather than personal choice. Of importance, whether one studies abroad or within his or her home, what matters is the impact of the education received. Studying abroad by a student is both beneficial to him, his family and the respective domicile country (Twombly, Salisbury, Tumanut, & Klute, 2012).

Some of the different reasons for studying abroad include career opportunities, life experience, different styles of education, and new culture and language skills among other reasons. Many students are usually fascinated by the thought of studying in a new environment. A new environment often bestows students with different cultures, traditions, social atmospheres and identities. Notably, all persons desire a change of environment from time to time. A change of environment challenges a person from simply embracing his or her comfort zone. A new environment makes a person pull up his socks and fit within the respective cultural perspective. Studying in an entirely new environment facilitates your personal growth and development.

As opined, studying abroad also accords students with opportunities to enhance their career in their respective fields (Berger & Radeloff, n.d.). For example, in most developing countries such as Kenya and India, there is no formidable career framework in the fields of engineering and medicine. Therefore, it is expected that students who desire to enhance their expertise and knowledge in the mentioned areas travel abroad for further studies. Studying abroad should be advocated for since it serves as a channel of networking people into one global village for stability and prosperity.