Written Report Recommendations

To become one of the best report writers, you should remember that a report has to include such parts as:

Cover page

This page contains:

  • Full name of the project
  • Course
  • Name of the principal author if any
  • Names of other group members
  • The group number


One should know that the abstract page cannot be considered as a part of the main body of your report. It is a short overview of contents, often put on a separate page to provide readers with the possibility to make a decision concerning the report reading. Abstract must review the full report and answer such questions as: why has the writer composed it, what has been developed, and what is thought out to be the importance of efforts. Abstract does not contain figures, but the most significant numerical ratings have to be presented here.

If you are constantly repeating such question as “how can I write a report,” then the following information will be extremely useful for you.

Introductory paragraph

The introductory paragraph has to supply the statement of the issue offered by the project, and why this issue is of great interest. The scenario needs to be reflected by it if it is available. In case of necessity, the introductory paragraph must also show the supporting information to let readers comprehend the importance of the issue.

Materials and methods

Aim of this part is to explain apparatus, materials, and operations applied to accomplish measurements. Above all, this part needs to offer a presentation concerning the matter how crucial measurements have been obtained and analyzed. All details should be sufficient to let the audience easily comprehend what has been accomplished. So, if you want to write a report online, consider this part carefully.


This section is centered on providing actual results, not to speaking about their particular meaning together with explanation. Results should be summarized by means of appropriate tables and numbers. Each table needs to possess a legend, which depicts concisely what exactly is contained or depicted. Figure legends get underneath a figure, table legends have to be placed above a table. Through the entire report, focus on stating figures with appropriate numbers not to think in future “do my report for me.”


This section interprets results with the basis on objectives of the project. Probably, the most crucial aim of the section with discussion is always to explain the interpretation of results so that readers are informed regarding an insight. The part of discussion also has to present evaluation regarding the particular strategy of the group.


The conclusion needs to review central points in the part of discussion, reinforcing for your readers implications. In case results have not been definitive, certain future work, which may be required, can be shortly described. Conclusion should never ever include “various surprises.”

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